4K Gaming Monitors – Why Are They Better Than TV Monitors?

When talking about gaming, nothing beats the precision offered by 4K monitors, not even most modern LEDs and LCDs. Ever wondered, why? Well, the purpose of TV monitors and gaming monitors is completely different and this establishes the basic foundation of difference between the two. Out of the many, the main differences are given below.


  • TV monitors have a longer viewing distance. Thus, their screen, upfront, doesn’t give the same dynamism as 4K gaming monitors offer. Thence, the viewing distance of gaming monitors is kept very short
  • Since TV is manufactured for the purpose of viewing it from a far distance, its pixel density is not as high as that of 4K gaming monitors. Nonetheless, 4K gaming monitors offer non-pixelating high-speed videos
  • Response time is yet another difference. The response time and refresh rate of 4K gaming monitors are much higher than that of TV sets

3 Best 4K Gaming Monitors You Can Buy For A Thrilling Experience

Now that you know why 4K monitors are better than TV monitors for gaming, it is time that you also learn about the best 4K monitors you can buy.

  1. 27″ 4K Flat Gaming Monitor With Ultra Slim Aluminum Bezel Body

This 4k gaming monitor is equipped with an AMD graphics card that supports high-speed games without lagging. Other basic features that make it better than most, include;

  • High response rate – 2 ms in OD mode
  • High pixel density – 8.3 million pixels
  • IPS display panel for vivid color reproduction
  • High refresh rate – 60 Hz
  • Ultra clear HD resolution – 3840×2160P
  • Dynamic viewing Angle – 178°
  • High Contrast Ratio – 1000:1

Nevertheless, this gaming monitor is also one of the least expensive options for hardcore gamers.

  1. CrystalPro 28″ 4K Monitor

This 4K gaming monitor supports HDMI/MHL and DVI- DL. Besides, it also offers an onboard input audio jack of 3.5 mm. Some of its coolest features are listed below.

  • Ultra-high resolution of 3840x2160P for stunning clarity
  • 16:9 aspect ratio and 350 cd/m2 brightness
  • A stunning horizontal viewing angle of 170° and a vertical viewing angle of 160°
  • A refresh rate of 60 Hz with a high response speed of 1 ms
  • Anti-glare screen surface to protect the eyes
  1. 27″ 4K Ultra Slim Aluminum Monitor

Known for its IPS panel display screen, this monitor offers;

  • A stunning color contrast due to color reproduction
  • High 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160p @60 Hz refresh rate