5 Reasons Why Your SME Needs Video Marketing in 2019

Video marketing has been a useful communication tool adapted by an SME because it is addressed to all the companies regardless of their size, their sector of activity or their target audience. Your prospects, more than ever before, better understand and remember the content they view. Thus, whether to inform, teach or entertain, video has become an excellent communication tool. Below are some of the reasons you should implement video marketing for your SME in 2019:

#1: It Helps Your Prospects Understand Your Offer

When you have a point of sale, it is much easier to sell to a prospect your product or service. But things are different online, where the loss of this powerful face-to-face interaction with the prospect makes selling much more difficult. This is where the video comes in because it gives you the opportunity to explain things the same way you would at a point of sale. With simplicity and understanding, while going to the basics.

#2: Your Customers Will Remember You Better

Did you know that 80% of people remember videos they see online compared to just 20% of text info? On the Internet, we live in an environment where the profusion of information is total, at the limit of the saturation. Finding ways to stand out and showcase the information you want to send to your prospects on your SMB can be an insurmountable task. But statistics like this one show that there is still a way to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. Make your message heard by investing in video marketing; you can check out some professionals like Rebl House to help with the job.

#3: Touch All Demographic Groups

In most online marketing methods, you should steer your strategy according to the age range you are trying to reach. Young people, for example, spend more time on Instagram, while middle-aged women are more likely to be on Pinterest. This is simply not the case with video marketing. 

Everyone loves video – from the youngest to the oldest. With this tool, your SME can reach its audience, regardless of age group. 

#4: Think Mobiles

The use of the mobile has exceeded that of the desktop. Computer users tend to watch a video for about 2 minutes or less. Mobile users, on the other hand, have a duration of attention of 2 to 5 minutes, according to the device used. 

Therefore, SMEs should always have a mentality focused on mobility and proximity. After all, the best time to woo a new potential customer is when he is actively looking for a company in your industry. And increased video attention capacity is just another benefit you can use to achieve that goal. Improve your local SEO and offer videos of your activity or service.

#5: Increase Your Online Presence

Without an online presence, it is quite difficult for most SMEs to thrive. Video marketing increases your online presence by making your content more appealing and easier to consume. 

Videos encourage your audience to click on a subscription link, contact you, or visit your website. Effective marketing video content will help your SME become a more successful company.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And you know what? It belongs to the largest search engine in the world: Google. Your videos can help your website get a high ranking for keywords that you could never achieve through traditional SEO.