7 Apps To Help You Get Things Done

The increase in technology has caused many people to lose focus on work, daily tasks, and life. With all of these distractions, it is hard for people to focus on one thing at a time. However, there are plenty of apps that help users be productive and get work done efficiently.

Procrastinating? These 7 Apps Will Save Your Life

Let these seven apps come to the rescue when you find yourself checking your phone all the time and not being as productive as you’d like to be.

1. Forest

The app works by allowing users to plant a virtual tree that continues to grow as the user is focusing on their work. If the user breaks concentration, taps out a text message, or opens up another app on their phone for more than five seconds, the tree dies. Users are encouraged to be productive and avoid distractions for the sake of their precious digital tree.

2. Focus@Will

This app plays ambient, instrumental music to remove outside distractions and improve focus at work. Users can choose between several genres of background music (e.g., Classical, Ambient, or Reggae) to play during work hours to increase productivity and focus.

3. Focus Matrix

This app is based on the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, which uses a simple “four boxes” system to determine what tasks are important and should be addressed immediately, which are not important but need to be done eventually, which are unimportant and can be delegated to others, and what tasks one has already completed. Users can use this app to plan their day, week, or year and determine which tasks need to be done immediately.

4. Google Keep

This app allows users to take quick notes for themselves by jotting down thoughts from different areas of life (e.g., work, home). Users can share these notes with other people using Google keep, or they can create voice memos to jot down quick thoughts.


This app encourages users to create lists for themselves to get things done efficiently and effectively without forgetting anything vital along the way. Users can share tasks with other people to get work done more quickly, plan their day using the “Today” feature, and sync the app with their Chrome browser.

6. ClearFocus

This is a simple app that uses Apple’s Siri voice assistant to allow users to “set their mind free” by telling Siri what they need done and then working on it. Users can tell Siri things like “Clearfocus: I have to write a paper,” and Siri will open up a new document on the user’s computer and launch Microsoft Word or Google Docs if necessary.

7. Rescue Time

This app uses the users’ self-reported habits to determine how they are using their time on their devices. Users can see which websites use up most of their time, track the apps they use most often, and determine how much time they spend on various websites. Users can also set goals for themselves and learn more about their productivity habits with this app.

Zara Raza is the Head of Marketing at Sunvera Software. She earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of California, Irvine, in 2019, and has written several blogs on technology, software, marketing, education, business, and more.