AVG Cleaner APK

Wonder if people have given permission for smartphonesto take control of activities otherwise themselves would have to do. The benefits and use of smartphones do not have to be elaborated as everyoneare active dependents on the smartphone. Wouldn’t be wrong to say the smartphone has become part and partial in one’s life which has now come to be a standard accessory rather than an optional one.

Being such an important accessory userwant the best and most efficient back up technological app to keep one’s mobile phone in good and efficient working order. As per this need,the AVG Cleanerapp can be introduced and recommended which will do the job for youwith its easy to use and friendly features.

If one looks at a smartphone simply there are two contributory factors of significance. Its battery and its memory that need to be efficiently managed to keep one’s mobile in good shape. Knowing or unknowingly a mobile phone is bound to gather data,clips,photos etc…in usage.

Free Android Storage with AVG Cleaner

This will get added to the memory capacity. AVG Cleaner has got in it an efficient way of cleaning up to create much required space time and again.Here are some of the many features on offer in the AVG Cleaner app.AVG Cleanerwill clean up storedjunk- the unwanted or unused photos, cache files, apps, thereby boostingmemory capacity in the phone.What more the AVG Cleaner alsoallows one to set customised reminders to clean up the device. So, one need not stress about wondering when to clean up. Just set the date for reminder and forget.With the periodical organized cleaning of the device one can continue to have the files,photos,music that one wishes to maintain.

AVG Cleaner also smartly removes unimportant gallery thumbnails and unused app installation files.It can also identify and remove videos, files and other documents which are larger than 5 MB – Identifying photos duplicating, blurred photos of poor quality with one tap. The user can decide what one wants and doesn’t want. Just swipe left to delete swipe right to keep.

To make way for easy reference of the ones frequently referred the less referred ones can be transferred to cloud storages such as Google drive or One drive.To keep the battery power in the most optimum mannerit is possible for one to see the details of items that are excessively taxing the battery and users have the option of switching off to retain the battery power to use when needed most. Well, all these features made simple, intelligentand easy to use will give its users the maximum satisfaction of using the AVG Cleaner app.

Download AVG Cleaner APK

This app has only cleaning features. Many other cleaning applications like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner has many other features apart from cleaning features. For example, app lock, antivirus, etc. In order to get antivirus, feature you have to install separate app called AVG antivirus if you use AVG Cleaner.

You can easily download and install this app on any Android phone using AC Market app. AC Market offers many Android applications and games for free like Asphalt, Sword and Magic, Guns of Boom, Bloons TD 6,  etc.