Best MP3 downloader for Mac

MP3 is still one of the best formats for audio files, but when it comes to download it from good platforms, we need good downloader. So, if you are a Mac user and are in a search of any such downloader, then here is a list for you.


All those, who are using Mac from quite a long time now, must be aware of this name. It is the go-to video downloader for Mac users. Now, the good thing about this application is that it is a good video as well as an audio downloader. If we talk about one such platform that has all the songs from all the big and international artists, then YouTube will top that list. VideoDuke was designed especially to work in a good way with YouTube. If you are using this application, then you can navigate YouTube with its interface and you do not need to go to the web or the main YouTube app for downloading the songs.

To download the MP3 file, first you need to go to the YouTube section of the application and after that, you need to search for your favorite audio file. After you have selected the audio file that you wish to download, go to the audio tab. You will see that the app has already processed the download of the audio file. Select the resolution of the file to be downloaded and then click on the download button. Your audio file would be downloaded and saved in the default storage. All its features make it the best MP3 downloader for Mac.

YTD video downloader

The best alternative for VideoDuke could be this application. The name of the downloader suggests that it could be used for downloading videos only, but that is not the scene. When you have selected the desired file you wish to download, you could actually select the MP3 format. After that, you could download the file. If you want to have an application on your device that is dedicated for downloading just the video and audio files from YouTube and other platforms, then you can go for the free version of this downloader. However, to get the benefit of the features like conversion of one file format into another, you will have to pay a subscription fee.


This application is a new addition in the list of the best video or audio downloader when it comes to Mac. It is apt for Mac OS and could navigate through YouTube and many other websites. The reason for keeping this one at the end of this list is that it should only be used in the worst case. If you are getting the above two options, then you should go for them and not this. The simple reason behind it is that it does not have that many features that it needs to be a good downloader.

So, we have listed 3 options for you and you could choose one according to your requirement. If you ask us for recommendations, then VideoDuke would be the first and last one. In the case of YTD also, you have to pay for the advanced features.