Cloud-Biometric Authentication Fortifies FIDO’s Multi-Device Credentials

In recent years, online security has been a challenge for many industries with the rapid digital transformation. The widespread advancements in technology have allowed cybercriminals to create sophisticated strategies to bypass the digital security processes implemented by companies. This is why enterprises choose to advance their cybersecurity methods to prevent bad actors from attacking their servers.

One of the main innovations in the online security industry is biometrics for identity proofing. The use of biological data has gained traction across industry leaders in the past decade because of its reliability against identity theft and data breaches. Fingerprints and face structure, the primary things used in biometrics, are hard to replicate and can help companies make their networks less enticing to bad actors.

The emergence of biometrics in the user verification market has recently led to the gradual shift to passwordless login. Tech giants and other well-known companies in various industries have launched the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) alliance which aims to reduce the reliance on passwords for identity proofing. Countless companies abide by the FIDO authentication standards to bolster the protection of their assets and clients.

Recently, the FIDO alliance, led by tech giants Microsoft, Google, and Apple, announced that they would further expand the passwordless sign-in standard created by the group. This will enable the consumers to use standard devices, such as mobile phones and computers, to authenticate to access their accounts quickly. It will also allow firms to integrate biometric verification into their processes, which is crucial against the increasing cases of password-related crimes.

Partnering with top providers of biometric authentication, such as authID and LoginID, will significantly boost the organizations’ digital security. Their biometric verification solutions will enable companies to combine biometric authentication with the FIDO login requirements. This will help give the patrons a high level of protection against fraudsters who will look to exploit the new technology.

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