Discover the profession communication in digital media in Pune

Communication in Digital Media is a career that integrates knowledge in the field of communication with new technologies, with a focus on content production for digital media. With the expansion of the use of the internet and social networks for entertainment and education purposes, the professional who masters the concepts and tools necessary for the efficient production of digital content in text, audio and video is increasingly valued. Keeping the higher demand in mind, more and more people are enrolling to Victorrious Digiital’s Digital marketing courses in Pune. Learn more about the profession.

The digital media communication profession

Communication in Digital Media is a profession dedicated to the production of content for digital media, such as internet sites, portals, social networks, magazines, radio and digital TV channels, as well as projects that integrate different media and languages. For this, it is necessary to master basic concepts of social communication, in addition to techniques and tools from areas such as Design, Visual Arts and Information Technology.

Job market

The job market for Communication in Digital Media is on the rise and the demand for these professionals only tends to increase in the coming years. Companies from all sectors need to remain competitive against the competition. Specialists in digital media are increasingly valued. The average starting salary for the profession is good. It can increase considerably as the professional acquires experience.

Freelance work in this field is very common, allowing for a much higher pay than in fixed positions. Take the opportunity to learn the vast field of digital marketing by joining Digital marketing classes in Pune now. Among the areas in which the Digital Media professional can choose to work, the following stand out –

  • New forms of artistic expression mediated by technologies
  • Development of pedagogical means for distance learning
  • Internet operations in companies and industries
  • Dissemination of government information to the public via digital media
  • Content production in multimedia online newspapers
  • Photography, artistic creation and visual programming in specialized magazines
  • Development of products and services in the areas of info graphics and multimedia
  • Digital broadcasts and interactive TV programming
  • Film and digital video production companies
  • Graphic editing
  • Advertising and advertising focused on online dissemination
  • Creation and maintenance of web pages and websites

How much does a digital marketer earn?

A digital skill that asks for qualified professionals, paying well for their services. Do you know how much a digital marketer earns? The average is from 4L to 8L INR per annum in India, depending on your level of knowledge and experience in the area. The good news does not stop there. There is indeed a safer route to becoming a cutting-edge digital marketer, with the profile required by the market, and you can follow without fear.

Before choosing the course, make sure that your program includes learning in campaigns with Facebook Ads, Instagram  Ads, LinkedIn Ads, in addition to Google (search, display and remarketing) and email marketing, as well as the creation simulation of strategies, content production, definition of audience and channels, metrics, as well as good SEO practices.