Discovering The Right App Solution For Event Management

Planning and managing an event is no joke, which is why such professions exist in the first place. There are times when arranging and managing events becomes tougher, even for a guy like me with more than six years of experience. However, way back before starting my profession, There was no such thing as event management software or an event registration system app.

Event Management Is A Serious & Tough Profession

When I was starting in event management services, productivity and efficiency were common problems. Planning takes quite some time for us to finish, and I often encounter misunderstandings and issues that arise, which eat up a lot of time. I learn things the hard way in those early days.

I realised that there was no ‘secret’ to a shortcut. Solutions are often hard to come by when you are rushing things before the deadline. Our so-called event registration system was done in an excel sheet, hence tracking people up in a non-automated fashion in an almost linear and manual manner. We barely manage multiple series of events—that’s until one of my superiors thought we must cut something out.

Our age-old applications for event management become less efficient after a few years. Finding newer solutions is now our mission. I remember the time that smartphones were such a ‘new thing’ for a weathered person like I am. I admit that I wasn’t tech-savvy enough. But upon reaching that realisation, I have come to accept that we need to implement more app-based solutions for the business. I began outsourcing for an events management app. I looked online and asked for references for an excellent online RSVP.

Discovering The Ideal Event Management Solution

It took me a while to find the right one that works best in my experience. Even if I wasn’t that tech-savvy enough, I took the liberty of taking time for careful research. I inquire for quotes and make comparisons in terms of services, reviews and features. Upon finding out, I eventually discovered Evention. I must say that Evention is a supportive partner and provider of an event app to our event management needs. Their system is incredibly reliable and intuitive enough for our typical needs.

Since we started partnering with Evention, we have drastically increased our productivity and efficiency significantly. We also noticed an enormous improvement in the number of event participants due to the enhancement in online registration. Whether it’s a conference, boot camp or online hosting, we manage to handle things seamlessly with Evention!

There were no missing key features, and the customisable layout was a boost. The tools seem to work together as intended, which makes our management process never this easier. The user-friendly CMS allowed us to use the solution without spending much time going into details. I was glad about this discovery and have made an enormous contribution to the growth of our event management business. From simple event registration to payment processing and booking, their one-stop platform for event agendas is worth the investment for such a business!

So far, I never had an awful experience with their solution and service. Overall, I recommend using Evention for every event registration system needs!