Gaming Headset: How Would You Choose the Best

It’s not easy to choose your equipment when you’re a player. The multiplicity of accessories and dealers can make the task complicated. It must be said that the brands are numerous and that there are many models positioned on the same budget and yet all very different.

We give you some tips in this guide and we invite you to visit this comparison of the best gaming headsets if you want more detailed and trusted information. Check TC for the best solutions here.

How to choose your gaming headset?

Range of Headset defender like peltor defenders Defenders which also allow two way communcation in the workplace. Before making your selection from gaming headsets, you must first define your priorities. This is a step that seems basic but it is crucial for your choice:

  • Do you need headphones with excellent audio quality?
  • Do you plan to go out with often and therefore, need a helmet with a sober design?

Many questions are to be asked. This allows you to categorize your need and refine your selection. For example, if it is for a headset for online games and you do not have a microphone next to it, you will necessarily need a headset to communicate with other players.

But maybe you are a big player and you have long gaming sessions. In this case, it is imperative to opt for comfort: a helmet not too heavy and which does not heat up after several hours of play. So start by identifying your needs.

The budget

If you have to take into account several criteria when choosing your gaming headset, you must also determine your budget first. It is easy to get lost and go on a totally different price than you expected. That is why, set yourself a price range like for example, a helmet for less than 100 €.

Obviously, there may be compromises to be made. If you want to opt for noise canceling headphones, you will have to put a little more. Same observation if you opt for wireless since we can already easily aim for 150/200 € here.

Sound quality

For us, there are two major criteria when choosing headphones when you are a player: sound quality and comfort. As for audio quality, you must take into account the opinions before buying since it is difficult to try a headset fully before going to the checkout.

To judge, you can look at the sound frequencies and see if the line follows a linear trend or not. If it is flat, the quality will be good. We easily judge a helmet on its bass, without being too imposing. Headphones that cover frequencies from 20Hz to 20Khz are a good sign.

Of course, sound quality is not just about music: when you are a player, it is even more important to hear the sound design well either to be in total immersion as in a game such as Red Dead Redemption 2 to distinguish environmental explosions and noises or PES 2020 for the atmosphere of the stadium, or to distinguish certain noises and take the lead in multiplayer games.


Second criterion which seems to us just as essential, comfort.