Honor Magic V 2022 Review

Since Huawei introduced the very first foldable phone in the early quarters of 2019, many companies such as Motorola and Samsung tried to benchmark the model but with no success. In reality, foldable phones are still in their inception and pretty much in their prototype stage. However, this instance won’t stop mobile tech companies from producing their own version of the device. 

One mobile brand that’s trying its luck with foldable phones is Honor with its Magic V, which was just released in January 2022. Considering the brand is known to produce gaming smartphones, you might’ve become interested in what the device is capable of. However, the only issue is that the phone cost 1400 EUR!

In any case, if you are curious about whether the Honor Magic V is indeed worth the price, then the article I’ve prepared is just for you! In today’s topic, I’ll relay some of the specifics of the device and what makes it unique aside from its apparent “portability.” So without further ado, let’s begin…

Honor Magic V: Design and Built-Quality

The idea of a foldable phone is it combines a tablet and smartphone. Such a feature is also a huge flaw in the design of foldable phones, in general. Once you have closed them, it becomes bulky and unpleasant to hold. When the device is unfolded, it gives you a dimension of 160.4 x 141.1 x 6.7 mm. On the other hand, the folded version gives you a dimension of 160.4 x 72.7 x 14.3 mm. And as you might’ve probably expected, the device is a little heavy, weighing about 293 grams.

A positive thing about the device is that it has outstanding built quality. It is made of an aluminum frame that makes the Honor Magic V highly resistant to scratches.

Honor Magic V: Hardware and Performance

Seeing the devices’ specifications, Honor Magic V has no special or unique feature that a traditional flagship can’t offer aside from its foldable nature. For instance, the Honor Magic V is integrated with the following components—The android 12 operating system and Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8450 8th Generation. These specifications are up-to-date software which means that it can load any modern game. It also has an Octa-Core CPU (Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, and Cortex-A510.

As for the camera, it offers triple high-resolution cameras—two 50MP wide camera angles and another 50MP for ultrawide camera angle. On the other hand, the selfie camera has an HDR 42MP wide-angle that’s capable f producing 4K images and movies.

Honor Magic V: Battery Life

Honor’s Magic V is embedded with a non-removable LiPo 4750 mAh battery which is very common in a typical tablet. The battery capacity may look impressive, but you have the bear in mind that it’s a huge device as well. Under moderate usage, a 4750 mAh can give you an approximate battery life of 3.5 to 4 hours. The good news, however, is that it is fast-charging at 66W. What this means is that it can recharge your phone up to 50% in just a matter of 15 minutes.

Honor Magic V: Price and Availability

If you’re interested in buying an Honor Magic V, then you have to prepare a hefty budget of about $1859! You can avail them at any local distributor near you or at their official website.

Final Thoughts

I hope the review I have prepared for today has provided you with the insights you need about the item and helped you decide if it’s the right one for you. Either way, I honestly believe that the Honor Magic V specs are worth every penny if what you’re after is a trendy and functional smartphone. However, an apparent huge con of the device is it’s very expensive and impractical. 

As I mentioned, the foldable nature of the device is what makes it extra special from the rest of premium phones. They are more of a novelty or luxury, in my opinion. If you are not particular with foldable phones, then you may still opt for the good old-fashioned single bezel smartphones.