How to find the best Free PLC Training in 2020?

The coronavirus crisis taught us a few things – before we lose our job it’s best to retrain and learn a few things that will be connected with work from home and machine control.

Why do we say this? Because it is obvious that the job market is going to suffer a huge change as the years come. People rush to find a new job, but not all of them have the qualifications and the education needed for something new. They need to retrain and become capable of doing some other things. Learn more about some of the other wanted technologies here.

If you’re into the machine control, programmable logic controllers, and working on stuff like this, finding the best training for you might be the smartest you can do. The problem in this story is how to find the best one without spending a dime on it. It’s a time when we all need to think about our money, so the free course is absolutely needed. See what needs to be done if you want the perfect choice for you!

Choose the level that’s best for you

If you’re not highly skilled in working with this kind of matter, it’s best if you find a course that will teach you the very basics of this industry. If you’re not aware of the terminology, how things work, what PLC stands for, how to use different software, and what software is used for this matter, then it’s best to look for a beginner’s course.

If you have already done your research, then you can go one step forward and search for a course that is intermediate or advanced. Also, you can find places where experts share ideas with each other. If you already have a lot of knowledge and you want to become an expert, look for those who are made for people aiming toward top-notch education.

Great instructors are important

There’s nothing more annoying in a video that teaches you what to do than a person who’s obviously not skilled enough and struggles with the theme. They don’t know how to find the right words, their video is full of hums and empty words and you end up losing precious time in learning absolutely nothing.

There’s a way to find out who’s great and who’s not, though. It’s called online reviews. Other than this, you can also read some professional articles, blogs, and podcasts to see if what you’re going to get is something that you find acceptable.

Look for licensed online reviews

There are lots of places on the internet where you can find comments and reviews about products of all kinds. Just think about Yelp or the social networks containing information about almost anything on this planet that is selling something.

These places are all licensed as official and can’t be scammed. Pages that are claiming to be independent, often offer information that is coming from people who are paid to leave reviews and comment. They should not be trusted.

Of course, there’s always the web page of those instructors and courses that you’re interested in. Many of them offer a trial version so you can see what you can expect from their courses. Also, people come back to leave comments about their experience and satisfaction.

Some pages are transparent and others hide the reviews. See an example of what a page is supposed to look like here: You’ll notice the comments bellow and client expression of satisfaction from the course. Those who have none of these people coming back are not the best ones.

Choose the type of course

It’s important to know what you’re going to learn in these courses. For example, if you’re a beginner, don’t try to get deep inside software that you know nothing about. Start with something basic. If you need specific skills and learning thoroughly about a software that you’re interested in, then look for that one.

For example, one of the most wanted job position is a PLC manager of Rockwell Automation software and products. If you want to become an expert in this and then look for a job that will be in direct relation with this, you don’t have to spend time with other software and program that will only confuse and take away from your learning time.

You’ll notice while searching that there’s absolutely anything on the internet. If it exists on this planet, there’s information about it. Sometimes getting this information is not easy to find as the internet has quadrillions of gigabytes of data and no one can search that thoroughly.

This is why experts share their knowledge. Most of the time this is a paid experience, but sometimes you can find completely free lectures. If you don’t like spending money on something like this, be sure that enough research will surely give you results from which you will be satisfied.


As you can see from everything written above, getting knowledge is easy these days, but getting your hands on it is not because there’s too much information out there and you can’t be aware of what is important and what’s not.

This is why you should follow the instructions and find the ultimate course for you. Spend no money, learn as much as you can, and make sure you find the job of your dreams in the time to come.