make your text messages disappear for good

How to make your text messages disappear for good?

They are self-destructing or encrypted messaging apps are services that allow users to exchange texts, photos, videos, and files that are automatically deleted after a set period. Some popular self-destructing apps include Snapchat, Confide, Wickr, and Signal. These apps use encryption methods to protect messages from being accessed by outside parties. When the timer runs out, the app permanently erases the content from the sender and receiver’s devices without leaving any trace. This gives users security and privacy knowing their private conversations do not linger.

Self-Destructing Messaging Apps

There are many benefits to using ephemeral messaging apps instead of regular SMS texting:

  1. Privacy – Self-destructing texts cannot be accessed after the deletion time limit. Users can discuss sensitive topics without fear their messages could come back to haunt them.
  2. Security – Encryption ensures messages are protected from hacking while in transit and storage.
  3. Informality – When texts vanish, users may feel more relaxed communicating casually without a permanent record.
  4. Minimalism – Discussions do not clutter up messaging history, keeping your inbox clean.
  5. Fun factor – For some users, there is an enjoyment that comes with spontaneous secret conversations.

Popular self-destructing messaging apps

Touted as the most secure ephemeral messaging app, Wickr Me uses peer-to-peer encryption on all communications. You can also password-protect conversations for an extra layer of security. Wickr allows users to shred expired messages from the app’s servers for added assurance. You can delete messages in as little as 3 seconds, up to 6 days.  Two alternatives that allow you to make any text message disappear are Privnote and Rummble. These sites generate special private links for messages rather than separate apps for this website more details

Step-by-step guide to encrypted chats

Many popular messaging apps allow you to engage in Secret Chats or Encrypted Messages. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using encrypted chats:

  • Download a messaging app with encryption such as WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Open a new chat with the contact you want to message.
  • Look for the option to “Start Encrypted Chat” or “Enable Encrypted Messaging”. It is typically found in the contact’s profile or the chat’s menu.
  • The app will exchange keys with the recipient to initiate the encryption.
  • Now you can message normally while the app secures the chat.
  • Set a self-destruct timer for the messages (i.e. 24 hours, 1 week).
  • To delete the chat, select “Delete Chat”. It wipes message history clean for both parties.
  • For added security, enable options like password protection, screenshot notifications, and message shredding if offered in the app.

 Close out encrypted chats properly

When you are ready to permanently delete an encrypted conversation, do not simply delete the app or clear chat histories. This risks leaving traces of data behind. Follow these steps for fully encrypted chats:

  1. Open the secret chat and tap “Delete Chat.” It will securely delete all messages from your and the recipient’s devices.
  2. Delete any encrypted chat backups stored on your phone or cloud.
  3. Uninstall the messenger app to wipe cached data. Then do a factory reset on your device to be thorough.
  4. If you used Privnote or Rummble, permanently deleting notes is automatic after reading. Simply close the link.