How to protect your website assets?

Meaning of Jocks used to be bullies who played sports. With the technological advancement, our very own computer geeks have now become Computer Jocks. 

To protect your website assets, we are here to enlighten you. 


  • Text Content:


When we put any new content on our webpage, it doesn’t get indexed quickly. This enables the jocks (also called Hackers) to copy our content. To avoid this problem, we can simply Delay our feed which will help us to get indexed before anyone else has a chance. 

Tynt Insight can be used get an alert if anyone does copy your content. 

Last one is the Content Copy Protection where you can disable all keyboard commands to prevent your content from being copied. 


  • Images & Videos:


Protection of Images and Videos from being copied or downloaded requires Watermark for all images and videos. This will help detecting the sources from where they have been illegally copied or downloaded. It may be invisible or visible watermark. 

We can also add a DMCA badge which sends an automated message about the legal actions from your behalf. 

Especially for videos, we can do only Streaming as it will make it difficult for the user to download the videos. 


  • Database:


Your database management should use Web Application Firewalls (WAF). This will protect you from some unwanted larkers. In order to save your website from outside, never use a shared server.  

To minimize the use to 3rd Party Apps, you should enable security controls over your whole website. Also always encrypt your stored files as well as your back-up files. 

These were our tips for you to protect your website assets. Choose the correct company for your website development and security. Some companies offering these services include iMobicraft, etc. They come under the Best Website Development Company list ensuring the best security and protection for your website.