How to Spot an Ethical Online Reputation Company

Maintaining a positive and professional reputation is essential, whether you work as an independent entrepreneur or are the owner of a local business. A negative online reputation can drastically negatively impact the view others have of your business and the services you provide, even if negative reviews written about you are untrue, exaggerated, or irrelevant to the products or services you provide.

They Do Not Set Unrealistic Expectations

An online reputation company that is professional, reputable, and trustworthy will not set unrealistic expectations, even if they consider themselves the best in the business. An online reputation company should never make promises they do not intend or are unable to keep. Instead, search for an online reputation company that will work with you individually to create and manage campaigns to repair and remedy your current reputation across the internet.

When you begin meeting and consulting with multiple online reputation companies, ask about expectations, project milestones, and whether or not the company is experienced with meeting and sticking to deadlines.

Communication Is Key

Communicating frequently and consistently with clients is essential for an online reputation company to thrive and expand. When you begin comparing online reputation companies, be sure to inquire about communication options and preferred methods to find a provider that is optimal for your working style.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials go a long way when it comes to searching for and choosing an online reputation company that you can trust. Read reviews and testimonials of past clients to discover which online reputation company delivers the customer service you need.

Once you take the time to research and review various online reputation management companies you are interested in, you can then make an informed choice that is for your own benefit. With Status Labs, gain peace of mind knowing that your professional and personal reputation is being monitored and protected at all times. Whether you are seeking preventative reputation management or have issues that require remedying online, working with a reputable company such as Status Labs is highly advisable.

What Not to Look for in an Online Reputation Company

Before choosing an online reputation company that is right for your needs, it is important to know what not to look for prior to finalizing your decision. Some things to look for in an online reputation company that may cause you to search for alternative providers include:

  • Major and Empty Promises: An online reputation management company that is worth its time should never set unrealistic goals or expectations, especially if you are on a tight budget or working with a limited audience and demographic.


  • Black-Hat Practices: Always verify that the online reputation company you choose to hire only utilizes white-hat SEO tricks and white-hat solutions to remedy online reputation issues you have encountered. Black-hat SEO and methods can quickly get your website banned from top search engines.


  • Lack of Presence: A great online reputation management company will have an established online presence with the use of an official website and social media accounts. Never work with an online reputation management company that is not visible when browsing for its official website online. If an online reputation management company is unable or unwilling to build its own online presence, it is best to search elsewhere to find a reputation management company.


Knowing how to spot an ethical online reputation company is imperative, whether you are in the midst of repairing your current reputation or simply prefer to take precautions. With the right ethical online reputation company, rest easy knowing that your business and online reputation are in the right hands.