Importance of Competitor’s Backlinks Monitoring 

Backlinks are the incoming links on your site from other sources. Backlinks are an important algorithm for search ranking. For example, if site A links to site B, it passes authority and trust. So, when site B receives plenty of backlinks from authoritative websites, Google rewards its ranking on top of search engine result pages [SERPs].

The web changes consistently, so regular link monitoring is crucial for your business website. Link monitoring will help to follow all the incoming links and maintain backlink profile stability. It will help to avoid cyber-attacks that can dent your SEO efforts and track existing links. It even helps in competitors’ backlink analysis.

Monitoring your competitor’s backlink growth offers an insight into the websites they earn links. Knowing about the quality, quantity, and frequency of competitors’ backlinks helps you to improve your link-building strategy.

Backlink research gives the details about your competitor’s backlink URLs. You even get an idea of the links you need to concentrate on first. Backlink analysis not just helps to identify competitors’ site performance, and backlink profile health but even finds their weaknesses.

The link-building concept is simple but all backlinks differ. Even if you can build plenty of links, it will not enhance your ranking. Google hates spammy and low-quality links, so build high-quality and niche-relevant backlinks to improve search ranking for target keywords.

Top ranking competitors already have backlinks, so to replicate their success you need to analyze their backlinks. Doing competitor backlink analysis is a monotonous task but uses advanced tools to automate the process.


It is a matchless website, backlink, incoming, and competitors monitoring software. Users can improve their SEO strategies for better online visibility and marketing campaigns. The solution has made link-monitoring simple. Keep links that assist in SERP ranking and track links that potentially damage SEO.

  • It analyzes backlink profile health within seconds.
  • Helps to get detailed backlink data.
  • You can find the strongest domain or page links easily and quickly.
  • Keep eyes on the backlink profile of your competitors or any other sites.
  • Gain a distinctive perception of the backlinks.
  • Receive email alerts for every new incoming link on your website.
  • Track backlinks validity
  • Check if new or old links are active or not.

The solution even features, a free advanced link shortener. It converts the lengthy links into a short customized link, which makes it simple to share on social channels or use in 301 redirects. Every shortened link is monitored to get an idea of from where and what device it came.


It is a user-friendly platform that can provide the benchmark of your backlink profile based on your competitors within seconds. You get to know the weakest and best links as well as the ones you share with competitors. You can export the list in .CSV or Excel format.


It has a database of more than 212 billion pages. Ahrefs site explorer allows checking specific website backlinks. Gain a breakdown associated with anchor text, backlink sources in real-time, and when the link was seen first. Set alerts and Ahrefs send a notification about your competitor’s new website link. It means just monitoring backlinks without the need to do a full analysis regularly.