Lasers in Everyday Life

There was a time when lasers were something out of a sci-fi movie or television show. Who could forget that point in the movie or television show when Capt. Kirk or Buck Rogers would pull out their trusty laser to blast the alien to smithereens? Gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it? Today’s applications for lasers won’t give you goosebumpsor maybe they dobut you won’t have to blow money on a movie and popcorn to see one in action. In fact, not only might a local small business have a laser in operation, but if you are lucky enough, there might be one in your hobby room or workspace.

This is because, unlike in years past, lasers are practically everywhere, from the hobby shop to the workshop and industrial areas. You can see available options wherever you turn. In the meantime, here are a few common applications.

Cutting and Welding

Anyone who is in need of a clean, fast cut in practically any type of material is probably well aware of the power of lasers. Not only that, but lasers are an integral part of welding and cutting operations in numerous industries, and their applications continue to spread every day.

Lasers in Communications

Anyone who has ever wondered how so much communications data is carried across the country or around the world via the Internet or numerous other mediums might be surprised that it’s done by laser, and simply by switching it on and off, and at the speed of light.

Barcode Scanners

When you realize that lasers are nothing more than a highly focused beam of light, it’s little wonder that having your groceries scanned holds so much wonder. And why not? Bar code scanners are nothing more than a laser.

Medical and Dental

When you finally realize how often doctors and dentists use lasers in their work, you have to wonder what use a scalpel is. Indeed, lasers have taken the place of so many medical and dental instruments, their uses in the future is practically guaranteed.


Anyone who thinks they are safe from the influence of lasers had better not enjoy entertainment. That is because whether you are at a theme park or listening to or watching a CD, rest assured that lasers are playing a part.

Carving and Engraving

Engraving, whether it be for use on jewellery, tombstones, or any other application, has never been easy work. It’s difficult to make sure that everything is right the first time. Thanks to the exacting nature of lasers, it not only is easy, but it is unlike any process used in the past.

Does the length of this list surprise you? It shouldn’t. The more you know about lasers and what they can do, the longer the list of potential applications will get. The only things that limit the uses of lasers are the research that is currently underway and the limits of the imaginations of those working on their development, not only from makers, but from users as well. Everyone contributes to the field every day.