Managed Cloud Hosting vs Unmanaged Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

When hosting a website or planning to start an online venture, the first and the most important thing you need to do is pick up the right hosting solution. Given the rising popularity and prominence of Cloud Hosting, it is pretty obvious that they are the top choice of most of the entrepreneurs today. However, Cloud Web Hosting isn’t a standalone situation, instead involves two different categories

  1. Managed Cloud Hosting 
  2. Unmanaged Cloud Hosting 

To be sure which of the above Cloud Hosting solutions would benefit you and your business the most, it is important to have a clear understanding of both of the solutions. 

This article will uncover the features and benefits of Managed as well as Unmanaged Cloud Hosting. 

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting accounts for a scenario where all the backend server management, including data backup, server updates, patches, regular server maintenance, etc. are looked after by the Cloud Server Hosting provider. Under managed hosting solutions, users need to purchase server space on a monthly lease and irrespective of what they use, they are bound to pay the said amount. 

Advantages of Managed Cloud Hosting

Though entrepreneurs consider this kind of hosting to be costly, there are certain aspects of Managed Cloud Hosting solutions that allure organizations to invest in them. 

  1. The foremost reason entrepreneurs opt for Managed Cloud Hosting services is the freedom from the server maintenance responsibilities. As the hosting provider takes care of everything related to the server, the entrepreneurs do not have to worry about the upkeep. This way, they are free to concentrate on the business. This is also a great option for entrepreneurs who lack major technical knowledge and can save on hiring tech staff
  2. Managed Cloud Hosting solutions are so designed that they are available throughout the day without fail. As server maintenance is the prerogative of the hosting provider, failure protection is well-guarded by its servers. 
  3. Managed Cloud Hosting solutions excel in ensuring automated data backups. Cloud Hosting providers integrate advanced cloud storage solutions like Ceph that seamlessly mirror the data. These solutions backup the data in real-time and guarantee automatic failover. Thus, your data is protected, and your site is kept running. This ensures that your business never stops.

Unmanaged Cloud Hosting 

The architecture of Unmanaged Cloud Hosting solution is quite similar to Managed Cloud Hosting. The difference between the two lies in the server management and upkeep. The backend software and maintenance tasks are taken care of by the service provider in Managed Hosting. 

On the other hand, the Unmanaged Cloud Hosting solution is one where the price paid is less, but the organization needs to take care of the server issues, all by itself. They should have the technical know-how and the needed expertise to maintain the server. Everything, including software update, regular maintenance and data backup has to be done by the organization. Also, the organization should be ready to invest their time in executing all of the above activities. 


It is clear that organizations that have the money to spend extra prefer managed hosting solutions, whereas the ones that are limited in budget invest in unmanaged solutions. So, assess the different aspects and pick the one that fits your puzzle best. Do let us know which Cloud Hosting plans you have used in the comments section below.