Methods to Backup and Restore WeChat History for Companies

Among the most popular instant messaging (IM) applications is WeChat. Statistical figures show that WeChat has around one billion monthly active users. This number has encouraged businesses to integrate WeChat into their communication channels. Unfortunately, enterprises must not forget to meet WeChat compliance to avoid violating retention policies by regulatory commissions.

Because of this, WeChat archiving FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) becomes essential. Archived messages are also helpful in reinventing marketing strategies to accommodate the customer’s ever-changing needs. Companies can also use archived messages for future client disputes to counter false claims.

Keeping track of WeChat messages is not difficult, considering that the company does one of the following methods:

Backup WeChat Chat History Through Personal Computer

Usinga personal computer, users can back up and use recorded data. However, this is only applicable to WeChat chat history on the computer.

To start the backup process, companies can visit and download the Windows version of WeChat. After app installation, users must scan the QR code and log in to their WeChat account. Then, they must click on the menu button or the three horizontal lines in the lower left corner. Next, click “Backup and restore” and “Back up to PC.”

Enterprises can choose chat records to save on their mobile devices or tap “Backup All” to confirm the backup process. Only ensure that the computer and mobile device are connected to the same network. To avoid spending hours backing up data on your PC, it is recommended to do so regularly.

Backup WeChat Chat History Through Third-Party Archiving Provider

Businesses can also contract a reputable mobile archiving service provider to archive data. Instead of manually archiving messages on WeChat, providers can automate the process with cutting-edge tools. Enterprises can thus ensure that every conversation is recorded and safely stored.

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