MilesWeb Shared Hosting – The Best Hosting for Beginners

Whatever endeavor it is you have undertaken, to make it a success, you have to go online. And by “go online,” I mean you should have a setup that allows you to interact or sell directly to the users.

I am obviously talking about having an independent website.

You can only go so far with social media and other internet channels to reach out to people; however, the engagement you can get through these channels is severely limited.

With a website, users can have a much better and immediate interaction with you or your business. You can display your merchandise, keep a blog, give detailed information about your products, update new arrivals and carry out vivid business-related activities online with your website.

Now that we have established the importance of having a website: let’s talk about hosting one.

Shared Web Hosting for Beginners

When it comes to hosting your first website ever, you will have one very general suggestion by every reference source you turn to, i.e., Shared web hosting.

In shared hosting, the provider hosts your website on a single server machine with many other websites. The hosting provider limits the server resources like processing power, memory storage, data transfer limit, etc., for the users as per their service package.

There are some obvious reasons why shared hosting seems to be the most natural choice for a beginner:

  • Learning experience: Since it will be your first website, you will have to learn and gather a lot of experience to run a website. Shared hosting is the simplest and easiest hosting to manage and understand. It makes a perfect choice for newbies to whom the concept of hosting is alien. You get to learn and have hands-on experience in hosting websites before you turn pro.
  • Low-Cost: Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting service available owing to its simplicity. A decent shared hosting plan ranges between $3 to $10 per month.
  • Easy-to-manage: Shared hosting is the most basic of web hosting services. You get a control panel that allows you to control and manage various aspects of the hosting.

Providers that offer linux shared hosting services are dime-a-dozen. However, getting a good shared hosting plan can be a bit tricky as the providers get too competitive in pricing and end up compromising quality. It’s not a good experience for beginners to get hosting with a provider that cannot meet their standards or expectations.

The trick is to opt for a trusted name with a solid history and a good reputation in the web hosting business. Some of the most popular shared hosting providers are MilesWeb, GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, and so on.

MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting

MilesWeb is one of the fast-emerging names in the international web hosting industry. Since its beginning as an Indian hosting provider in 2012, it has evolved splendidly into a hosting company that has datacenters located on multiple global locations. They offer Linux and windows server hosting in India.

MilesWeb provides excellent features for its shared hosting plans at competitive prices. Some of the best highlights of MilesWeb’s shared hosting services are:

  • Free SSL Certification: MilesWeb is one of the few web hosting companies that provide a free SSL certificate with their hosting. It is a pretty sweet deal, considering how much an SSL certification costs. It is also perfect for a beginner to get the website SSL certified without much trouble.
  • No Waiting Periods: There are absolutely no delays or waiting times for hosting to go live. As soon as you complete the registration procedure and online transaction, your hosting is ready to take your website live.
  • Security: MilesWeb has a team of technical experts that regularly monitor and carry out scans for malware and suspicious activities. They also remove any malware or spams that would otherwise cause security breaches by leaving your website vulnerable to hacking or phishing activities.
  • Superfast Memory Storage: The shared hosting has a distinct negative reputation of being underperforming and with dull processing speeds. MilesWeb has overcome this debacle as they provide hosting on servers built with SSD storage, one of the most nimble storage systems available. It enables fast data exchanges and lower processing times for the software applications on your website. MilesWeb also guarantees a 99.95% uptime which is one of the highest in the business.
  • Website Builder: This feature is what makes MilesWeb’s shared hosting a dream come true for newbies. You get a free website builder with your shared hosting package that allows you to freely and easily build your website from the ground up without any technical or programming expertise.
  • Choice of Datacenter: One of the biggest advantages of hosting with MilesWeb is that it provides you with a choice of your datacenter to host your website. The reason why a choice for datacenter matters is that you get better loading speeds and overall compatibility with the target audience in a given region. MilesWeb provides choices for datacenters in six global locations.
  • Customer Support: The best feature of MilesWeb is its award-winning customer support. Customer support is the most crucial thing to consider before buying hosting with any provider, especially if you are a beginner. MilesWeb’s customer support has a quick response rate and, the support executives are well-trained to troubleshoot any problems you may face with your hosting. What’s more, the support is available 24/7 all year round, even on holidays.

To Sum It Up

MilesWeb’s shared hosting packages are designed to accommodate the requirements of beginners. Their shared hosting services are available at very affordable prices and, you are assured to get round-the-clock assistance by their support. All of this makes MilesWeb’s shared hosting services a perfect choice for beginners.