Newsy – Android TV News Application

The ability to stay informed and updated about the happenings around the world is a right of all humans. This is a basic human need and often affects citizens to make decisions about their life and also to be aware of what is going around in the world. You might’ve heard the phrase ‘a frog in the well’. Without news or the ability to be informed of our surroundings, many of us would relate with that phrase.

Not only will we be ignorant about many major and important topics such as politics, weather, sports, countries, and important personalities, but we will also be deprived of information that matter to us to make many important decisions in our life. With that being understood, it is also extremely important that the news we receive is not bias, genuine, and always truthful. Therefore, relying on proper and genuine sources of news has become of utmost necessity. Bringing you only the truth and allowing you to decide on what matters, Newsy, will keep you informed and updated, never influenced, at all times.

Features of Newsy App

The app will allow you to go in-depth to all of the happenings around the world. If you are not satisfied with just the basics of the story, Newsy is exactly what you need. It will go into great detail of every situation and provide you with nothing less than the truth. The app is available for all android users for absolutely free and will give you 24/7 news on everything that matters.

The news brought to you by Newsy is unbiased, elegant, simple, and genuine where you will get to experience the best news reporting with live news as well as breaking news at all times. Knowing what you need to know, will help you make important decisions in your life and also your daily routine. You can also let your friend and family know of everything you know first because Newsy will bring to your news just as it happens and when it happens! Only the truth for you so that you will be informed and updated at all times.

The news is exceptional and will also provide you with stories and documentaries that are in demand. Hurry and get your hands on the app now so that you can enjoy exceptional news coverage from all around the world at the comfort of your very own fingertips.

You might be anywhere around the world but with Newsy by your side, you can always count on the most genuine news that you need to know! Newsy also allows you to watch their stories and documentaries for one’s who enjoy knowing in depth stories about each event that happens around the world.

With Newsy by your side, you can always count on knowing only what the truth is from anywhere around the world. All you got to do is install the app onto your android smart device and keep yourself updated and informed just like it is necessary. Newsy for you!

Download Newsy for Android TV

There are not many user-friendly news applications like Newsy for Android TV. You can install this app on Android TV, Chromecast and Amazon fire TV for free. First try to install this application using default app store. Play Store on Android TV and Amazon App store on Fire TV.

There are alternative options like Applinked, Filesynced, Unlinked and Aptoide TV. First download newsy apk. Then create a free account on unlinked app or applinked app. Then create a Applinked store or unlinked store. Upload your files and install them on your TV box with Applinked code or Unlinked code.