Outsource Copywriting To The Pros At Globital Marketing Netherlands

Content. Or, as we like to refer to it, the “internet currency.” It encourages consumers to click, tells your brand’s storey, and aids in search engine optimisation. Today, if you want to generate leads and stay competitive, you need a digital content strategy. A copywriter is required to write clickable copy. However, rather than hiring a specialist copywriter, several organisations distribute the load of copywriting among their employees. Whether it’s web copy (words on the home page, about page, or careers page) or ongoing copy (blogs, articles, and so forth), hiring a professional to write it for you is best.

Outsourcing is even less expensive than hiring a copywriter in-house, resulting in a more significant return on investment in content marketing. More than 60% of businesses now delegate content creation to creative agencies. Do you still need persuasion? Continue reading to see why opting to outsource copywriting services might benefit you and your company.

They’ll Use Their Knowledge To Write

Clients often want to write their own copy because they believe they know more about the issue than anybody else. Wrong. It can be that difficult to write about your company. (It does work occasionally.) Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t.

While you may be an expert in operations or sales, that does not mean you are an expert in online copy or putting yourself in the reader’s shoes. Regrettably, many companies make the mistake of writing for themselves rather than for their customers. Professional writers know how to write content that is brief, focused, and easy to read.

Many Audiences

If you recruited a design studio or an agency to create your website, they already have a leg up on your target market. They’re also likely to have a copywriter who can match the website’s goals in other areas. Plus, they technically work for various sectors, giving them that unique outsider’s perspective and other techniques that in-house workers may not have been aware of.


You may match different copywriters with different projects – and budgets – when you outsource your copywriting needs. Have you ever had work that required a short turnaround, and you wanted it yesterday? While the in-house team is off the clock, an outsourced writer may finish it overnight.

Plus, an in-house team is usually only one or two people, and they are unlikely to be capable of writing everything adequately. There are exceptions, as more people learn to wear several hats, but you do have the option of hiring a specialised copywriter for your project. Print and web copy and generating support documentation are not the same as blogging and social media. Check with your agency; they should be able to help you with most (if not all) of these.


We do Copywrite for a lot of our clients as a design studio. Most of the time, using us is less expensive than paying someone internally because of our hourly pricing. Yes, it is correct! However, we believe that when it comes to outsourcing, you get what you pay for. Furthermore, when you outsource, you just pay for what you require. It makes no sense to pay someone for all of the time in between if you only require a newsletter every other month. You can be more flexible with outsourcing and pay on a project-by-project basis.

A Brand-New Perspective

The same benefit that benefits in-house copywriters can be used against them. They’re all engrossed in your industry. The. Time. A new approach can be precisely what the content marketing doctor prescribed if your message needs to be freshened up. When you’re too close to a project, it isn’t easy to maintain that freshness, so take a step back. Someone who can look at your business objectively can also provide a new perspective on its goal – and help you reach new audiences. All without deviating from your overall brand message, of course.

When you outsource copywriting to an external team like ours, you can get the most out of your blog posts and writing services. Contact Globital Netherlands today for more information!