Precision Cooling System – A Solution To Computer Room Issues

Operating data centres and server rooms can be difficult. In my experience, there are more troubles with servers and hardware now and then, and these cause more problems in our business’s operation. As someone who manages and attends troubleshooting, they can be challenging to deal with if you don’t have the right tools. These problems often happen when there’s too much heat. Hence having a computer room air conditioning system is a must.

The Growing ‘Heat’ Problem

I always find it difficult to control our data and server room before we acquire an AC system. A year back, our cooling system wasn’t cut out because it was outdated, and there wasn’t enough airflow within the area. It’s a constant headache to put yourself into trouble dealing with high-rising temperatures in the room, and then the server crashes. When the server goes into full heat, exceeding 95 degrees celsius, it can damage computer components fast. The environment also becomes less conducive for computer operation.

As someone who manages the business and handles our data centre/server room, I value regulating air temperature to ensure continuous computer operations. I started looking into various air conditioning systems for computer rooms, such as CRAH, to address the issue of the growing heat. As our business expands, we add more equipment and hardware in the computer room along the way. However, it further generates more heat in exchange. Precision cooling is something I propose to keep control of the server room.

After acquiring an air conditioning system from Canatec, here are the advantages I noticed so far:

Better humidity levels

Humidity is a dangerous factor for computer systems. As much as I am concerned about heat, I also worry about humidity level since it can harm systems faster. However, having a Canatal air precision system allows me to configure the room’s humidity level. Their precision system provides better control, not just to combat high temperature/heat—it also to prevent humidity.

High Performance

Apart from optimising and regulating air temperature inside the computer room, the precision cooling system also packs performance. High-performing air conditioning system is what I always look for in precision cooling. Computer room aircon systems should be high-performing enough to be more efficient and effective whilst reducing energy consumption. Overall, I am satisfied with the system’s performance, and I have no complaints about how it functions. It meets my expectations.

Better Comfort Level

Comfort is one thing I also want to prioritise in an air conditioning system for computer rooms. Workers also need to feel comfortable enough to remain productive and healthy while working. So far, the system has proven to meet my needs while providing enough for us to work closely with computer devices.

Canatec has been our partner for almost a year now in providing a solid air conditioning unit/precision cooling system in our computer room. So far, we are satisfied with their service and unit quality, giving us everything we need to keep our computer system running without experiencing more technical issues ahead. I would recommend Canatec for businesses out there looking for an efficient aircon system for computer rooms!