Recommendation of Bluetooth Mouse with High Cost Performance

Some office workers must on business. Laptops are often a must. Workers select light and simple accessories for convenience. Such as wireless mice. Wireless mice generally have two connection modes. The wireless mouse with a wireless receiver. This receiver has a USB interface. You should plug it into a computer to receive mouse signals. Another is the Bluetooth mouse that I share with you today. This mouse does not need a receiver. It is very suitable for laptops.

Rapoo M100 Wireless Mouse

This mouse can be many colors. The pink one is for girls. The mouse buttons are mute. It will not disturb others in the library. The design of the mouse is ergonomic. Long-time holding will not make you feel tired. This mouse uses battery. A battery lasts for about nine months after changing. It has a switch to turn off when not in use. The most important thing is that the low price. It is very suitable for business travel.

HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse

This mouse is more textured. The surface adopts frosted spraying process. It basically leaves no fingerprints. It feels very smooth. You can charge the mouse for several months using. This mouse is a little noisy when clicking. It is not convenient for quiet places.

Xiaomi Portable Mouse

This flat mouse looks slightly high-end. The shape is similar to a square ellipse. It is very light and thin. An ordinary mouse putting in the bag will hurt people. However, this design does not conform to ergonomics, and the hands will be tiring to use. Xiaomi Portable Mouse won’t do that. This is not a mute model, but the sound is low. The price is nice.

Dareu UFO

This mouse is designed for office workers. The appearance is fashionable and simple. The combination of silver and white is beautiful. Although it uses battery, it has a strong endurance. It can last for about 12 months. You don’t have to worry about on business. The small size may make boys uncomfortable. Girls will feel more comfortable when using it. This mouse has a special function to switch between two modes. It can switch back and forth between sound and voiceless. It is good for users.

In general, there are many options for peripheral devices such as mouse. Products with different prices have their own advantages. Relatively speaking, the quality of big brands is more guaranteed. You can refer to these styles to buy a Bluetooth mouse.

Well, the above is the recommendation of Bluetooth mouse with high cost performance. I hope this article can help you.