Sky ECC Smartphone Security Features

Smartphone security concerns are soaring up day by day. In order to help the users enjoy safe smartphone usage many security applications are launched. Just because there are many security applications it does not mean that your responsibility to find the right security application will become any easier. It does not get any easier because you need to narrow down on the best security application after screening multiple applications.

Among the plethora of options that are before you Sky ECC is a reliable option. Using Sky ECC you can protect yourself from all types of security hacks. Let us look at some of the most important security features of this outstanding application.

You would have heard about brute force attacks, one of the worst forms of penetration techniques and even the strongest security protection gives in to such attacks but SkyECC can sense such attempts and block such attempts right at the start. You will be fully protected against brute force attacks.

Your encryption key is fully protected because your service provider will not have access to this piece of information if you use Sky ECC. It is generated at your end. This cannot be accessed by Sky. Why are we discussing this point here? It is because with the other security companies users run into trouble. The security key is generated at the service provider’s end.

Sending messages with limited time span is very much possible through SkyECC. Your messages will be deleted automatically from all the locations in travelled through and also from the recipient’s device. Sending such time controlled messages proves to be useful when you are sending sensitive information over the chat. This will prevent the hackers from accessing the message trails left behind in the servers.

Your contacts list will be protected too. Sky ECC encrypts even the contacts list when all the other applications are not capable of encrypting the contacts list. They just store the information as plain text making it easy for anyone to access your contacts list.

Images are transferred between friends, family and between business partners. These images are of personal nature and also could contain confidential information. If you do not encrypt the images then the data captured could be misused by the hackers. You do not want to settle for substandard or mediocre security applications that do not have the capacity to encrypt images. Sky ECC is capable of encrypting not only the textual information but it can also encrypt the images. Make no mistakes in this regard, do not rush to pick some random security application only to find yourself unprotected. You need the best security application to take care of your needs. Once you install Sky ECC you will never again have to worry about the security applications. There are security risks and there also security applications like Sky ECC which is capable of addressing our security concerns. you need to go through such hassles only initially. Once you have spotted the right application you will never again have to worry.