Strategy Or Checklist? What Do SEO Agencies Do?

Let us start with a short checklist of search engine optimization. A SEO company has a checklist in which at least the team has to go through all of the following items for a website.

Item 1: An overall well-researched keyword strategy should be implemented all over the website. The keyword list is a list that contains the most commonly used search terms by the users (i.e. search intent).

Item 2: The website is secure and has already implemented with HTTPS protocol.

Item 3: The site is mobile-friendly or mobile responsive so it can meet the requirements for Google mobile-first indexing.

Item 4: Tools are used to check the loading speed of the key pages of the website. This is to ensure the average loading speed of the website is not below a certain speed. Should the site loads really too slow, the SEO agency/company has to come up with a viable solution.

Item 5: The quality of content on the website has to be reviewed and evaluated. One factor is the length of the content on a web page. Obviously, not all industry needs to meet this length requirement. In some industry, it is hard to write thousands of words for an article, otherwise it would have looked really unnatural.

Item 6: A backlink analysis must be performed. This produces a report of two sets of backlinks. One is the good backlinks that help the site with SEO. The other set is the backlinks that were not supposed to be backlinks in the first place because of the low quality and irrelevancy.

Item 7: Social media signals do help alerting Google that the site is reliable, trustable and active.

Item 8: Images can be optimized. Images that are very large in size may often take too long for the web browser to load. This causes people to not wait and leave the web page they were trying to open and visit. This issue can be fixed by the designer.

Item 9: Schema may be implement on the web pages whenever the content is appropriate, as long as the site doesn’t over utilize schema.

Not all SEO or content marketing companies are able to provide the desired success to client websites. It is best to avoid over-expectation and keep in mind not to trust the following promises.

  • The promise to improve your site’s ranking considerably overnight
  • Doubling or even tripling your site’s traffic (i.e. search engine visitors) in a very short timeframe
  • Instantly bring in more leads for your business through your website
  • Submitting your site to all the search engines
  • Getting your site a large amount of backlinks that are of very low quality which actually put your website in risks than helping
  • Return on investment projection for your business
  • Applying blackhat techniques to bring your site quick success