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Strategy to Conduct a Social Media Audit through NetBase

When it comes to the success of businesses, a social media audit can help companies gain insight on customers and competitors. The audit is an essential step in the development of an effective and successful marketing plan for any business that needs to audit their social media presence or perhaps a company that audits social media for other individuals or companies. The audit accesses the current use of social media and determines specific areas of improvement. The audit allows businesses to make wiser decisions about their goals related to social media. Overall, the audit provides insight on social media analytics that refers to each customer’s intent, the needs of each customer, and answers to how to reach ideal customers. When it comes to how to conduct a social media audit, it is crucial to follow a specific template.

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

  1. Document Information

It is important to have a document to record data during the audit. The data would include each social media account and related information, such as the social handle, link to the account, owner or teams for the account, purpose of the social media account, most popular posts, and demographic information of the followers.

  1. Ensure Consistency

When conducting a social media audit, it is essential that your account matches your brand. The profile and bio section should be accurate and consistent with the brand’s mission. It is important to check for the presence of the brand’s logo.

  1. Determine Social Presence

After documenting the social media accounts, it is crucial to visit each social media account to determine your social presence. If you do not have a strong social presence, make a note of the lack of engagement, which will allow you to create a social strategy in the future.

  1. Identify Most Viewed Posts

For each social media account, it is crucial to look through every post and locate at least three posts with the most engagement. With each post, you can analyze the responses from the audience and note the different characteristics that sparked the engagements. Also, do you know everything about instgram stories?, you can check more details on instagram stories here.

  1. Performance Evaluation

Finally, it is vital to use social media analytics to evaluate the performance of each social media account. The analytics will provide an assessment of the current performance and determine strategies to improve performance. NetBase is an example of a social analytics platform that provides evaluates the performance of social media accounts. At NetBase, clients can receive a social media audit by using social media analytics and NetBase products.

About NetBase

NetBase is a social media analytics platform that enables organizations to run businesses, make connections, and connect with customers. The platform provides organizations with social media analytics of limitless social media posts daily. With this data, NetBase provides knowledge for promoting research, public relations between business and customers, sales, and product advancement. NetBase provide products and services such as NetBase Voice of the Customer, Netbase Enterprise, NetBase Pro, NetBase Audience Insights, and NetBase Live Pulse.

NetBase Products

The NetBase Voice of Customer allows organizations to retrieve and analyze customer experience data from any source. NetBase’s AI (artificial intelligence) provides an analysis of customer experience, intent to purchase, and possible competitors. The NetBase Enterprise enables organizations to evaluate social analytical nine times faster than other social analytic platforms. The platform also provides insight on strategies to create the best campaign performance. The NetBase Pro platform enables organizations to monitor the needs of customers. The platform uses AI to analyze 300+ millions of social media analytics to provide appropriate answers. The NetBase Audience platform focuses on understanding the best customers for organizations based on social audience insight. As a result, organizations can use social media analytics to create personalized experiences for customers. Finally, the NetBase Live Pulse provides real-time data and other metrics to determine insight for businesses.

Overall, a social media audit is crucial for the success of any business. The social media analytics provide an insight that can improve customer service, expand a brand, and create long-term success.