The Accessibe WordPress Plugin – How CanWeb Accessibility Practices Help You Grab a Competitive Edge in The Market?

When it comes to WordPress websites, they are built for search engine optimization and accessibility. As a business owner, it is your social responsibility to make your site content accessible for users with disabilities. In fact, this step has a positive impact on your site’s usability and boosts its revenue, size, and user engagement.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin and its value for your WordPress site

The Accessibe WordPress plugin is a popular tool for enhancing the accessibility of your WordPress site. It detects problems that you can fix to enhance the web accessibility of your site without hassles at all. It is cost-effective and fast when it comes to the detection of accessibility issues that your site faces. It can be downloaded and installed easily on your site.

Embrace smart business web accessibility practices for your site

Besides the installation of this amazing plugin tool, the following are two smart business practices you can embrace when it comes to boosting the web accessibility of your site-

1. Check the code of your site – Search engines like Bing and Google will check your site’s code as this is the first thing they do when they evaluate the quality of a site. The first step for you to do is to ensure that the code of your site validates its guidelines. If the code of your site is invalid, it will carry many technological limitations that will not be displayed in specific browsers. A valid code in HTML 5 has no mistakes and permits the web browsers to identify it correctly.

There are several tools for validation that you will get online for evaluating your site code and making the changes that you need to do. If your web page fails the validation tests, you can go to Google and type in the keywords to validate your website. While typing in this keyword, make sure to add the website name.

2. Add alt tags to site images – One of the reasons users skip your site is that they are not able to see anything. This is true for users who are blind or with visual impairments. The screen reader they normally use is a technology that reads the content aloud, and when it comes to an image on the site that they cannot see, the screen reader cannot see it in the absence of alt tags. When you insert alt tags to your images on the site., every user can know what the picture is about even though it cannot be seen. This is why you should ensure that your images have quality alt tags that are descriptive in nature.

Therefore, if you are the WordPress site owner and wish to enhance its accessibility to every user online, embrace the Accessibe WordPress plugin and the above two smart business practices to get better results. Every person will be able to access your site and enjoy an improved user experience with success! In this way, you can boost the competitive edge of your site faster.