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The Best of Instagram Account Hacking for You

Instagram is the increasingly popular social media for sharing photos and videos with friends. Moreover, having many followers and increasing your visibility can be a great opportunity to promote new brands.

  • But what is the secret?
  • How to improve your Instagram profile?
  • What do the most popular profiles have in common?

Change your Instagram profile

It all starts with the new profile on the social network. Installing the app and subscribing to Instagram require a few simple steps. Although at first it may seem useless and boring, you need to complete your profile to enhance it and highlight it.

Then, the first step to attract new followers is to change your Instagram profile and highlight the most important information.

Instagram profile picture

To be easily recognizable on social media it is essential to have a profile photo. Adding or changing the Instagram profile image is quick and easy. As a first step, you will have to go to your profile screen by pressing the button in the lower right corner, here you can press the top button “Edit profile”. Other than that you can also make use of the how to hack an Instagram account also.

Change the image of the Instagram profile

To change the image of the profile you will need to press up on “Change photo” and then choose an item from the menu. Selecting “New profile picture “, you will have the possibility to choose from the menu at the bottom whether to take a picture or add one already present in the gallery.

Subsequently, in both cases you will be able to customize the photo with the effects and filters of Instagram, and finally confirm by pressing “Next” in the upper right corner. But that is not all, in fact among the other options to change the photo, you will have the possibility to Import the profile photo from Facebook or from Twitter. In reverse, if a profile picture is already present, you will also be able to remove the profile picture.

Remember that the profile picture is the first image users see, so if you want to attract new followers, it’s a good idea to use a significant image like a personal photo or the company logo.

And don’t forget that the profile photo will have a circular frame, so only the part in the centre of the image will be visible while the corners will be hidden. Please keep this in mind before taking the picture or selecting it from the gallery.

How to change profile information

You can update all your personal information from a single screen. Indeed, you will be able to edit the Instagram profile directly from your profile screen by pressing the “Edit profile” button at the top.