The Importance of Mobile App Development For Businesses

As technology advances, people are getting more addicted to their smartphones and other mobile devices. A survey carried out by comScore in 2017, shows that an average American spends an average of three hours per day on their mobile device. This explains why businesses need a responsive website. However, studies by MobileSmith and Oracle have proved that over 60 percent of users prefer mobile apps over responsive websites. That means if you’re into a business that deals with selling products, then you should consider owning a mobile app in addition to a responsive website. Here are top 4 reasons you need mobile app development for businesses.

Mobile Apps Are Faster than Responsive Websites

Mobile apps are 1.5 times faster than responsive websites. They also perform actions much faster than websites. Mobile apps store data locally on your mobile devices. This means that data can be retrieved in a blink of an eye. With responsive websites, data has to be fetched from the web server and this can take minutes depending on the packet size and network speed.

In addition, most mobile websites use JavaScript to run functions. Apps, on the other hand, use frameworks make them up to 5 times faster than websites. Since all this happens in the back-end, your users can perform action much faster on the front-end, giving them an unforgettable seamless experience.

Improve Business Accessibility

Another benefit of mobile applications is that they increase business accessibility. Mobile apps allow businesses to send notifications about what has changed or improved in their products or services. Apps also allow businesses to build a strong relationship with their customers, which lead to a reliable customer base and increase brand loyalty.

Provides a Competitive Edge

It’s easy for a business to stand out of the competition with a seamless, visually appealing mobile application. A business can also come up with updated versions of their application over the period to meet the needs of its users as well as address business needs. Regular app updates can help to keep customers on your app and you can remain ahead of your competitors who have not yet offered a dedicated business application.

Improve Customer Engagement

Core Mobile App help to create a direct marketing channel between a business and its customers. With a mobile application, a business can install and send push and in-app notifications to its customers. If these notifications contain essential information, then customers will become attached to your brand and become loyal to it.

These are just some of the top reasons why hiring mobile app development company for businesses is important. To get the most out of your mobile app, be sure to hire an experienced mobile app development company.