The Usual Risks in Mobile Archiving

It is now common for employees in different sectors to use their mobile messaging apps to communicate with their clients. Among the sectors that require mobile archiving solutions are the public sector and the financial industry. Several laws require businesses in these sectors to monitor text messages and voice calls to avoid any fraudulent actions. While these requirements have already been placed, they have not always been easy to follow, and companies have faced a lot of hardships and risks in mobile archiving. 

One of the difficulties in mobile archiving lies in the phones that customers use. iOS phones take the customer’s privacy more seriously, while Android phones allow third parties to access their customer’s data. Mobile archiving has also been very difficult because of the fact that there is really no universal solution to archive messages. Companies can choose an over-the-top application, a mobile archiving agent, or an in-network capture setup for their company.

Whatever the company chooses will be up to them, but there will always be pros and cons. One of the great choices for businesses is Telemessage.They offer multiple archiving solutions that can help every company remain compliant regardless of the industry that they are in. Telemessage and their archiving products securely capture content from mobile devices and carriers, so businesses know that they are getting their money’s worth.

These are some of the usual risks when it comes to mobile archiving. To learn more, here’s an infographic by Telemessage.