Tips to Ace in Shooting Games Online

Shooting games do not need a sharp learning curve. With focus, twitch reflexes and smart thinking; you can easily outsmart your opponent and emerge, winner. That is why you often find shooting games in high demand at However, there is one drawback here. You tend to lose your life quite easily. We thus share a few tips and tricks that would help you better your skills and enhance your lifespan in the game. Read on.

Become a pro in circling strafe

Strafing is the art of moving side by side by generally using the A and S keys in the first-person shooters. It is a key skill that most gamers utilize. You need to upgrade it to circle-strafe. It means that you strafe around your opponent in a circular motion. This keeps your opponents in your crosshairs but still allows you to dodge most of their bullets. Additionally, it makes your own shots more precise which guns down a number of your opponents.

Bunnyhop like you are a madman

Another skill that you need to master is to jump around the map like you are on a pogo-stick. It might look like frantic movements, but it has a definite method involved. This incessant jumping mixed with shooting downwards will improve your chances of success. If your opponent is using this trick; try shooting at his anticipated landing position rather than the opponent. Your chances of success would improve drastically.

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Become a pro with pistols

Pistols or handguns are your ultimate weapon in a shooting game. Foremost you need to choose the right type of pistol for a given situation. Each pistol would have its own characteristic and would work best in precise conditions. Using each variation of the pistol with precision will almost make you an unbeatable player.

Stick to the map edges

A common mistake most players make is sticking to the middle of the map while playing the game. It makes for a perfect aim from all opponents from all directions. However, by sticking to the edges; you get a wall to your back and a path to cover. Thus, your chances of survival increases. However, you also need to know your map well and get the knack of moving around it without going straight down the middle. You can easily do this if you know your maps well.

Another important tip is to be a good team player. Knowing the moves of your fellow partners and covering them up will better your game.