Top 5 Steps to Convert Your Website to a Progressive Web App in 2020

Web apps when delivered through web offers web like experience to users and conversion rates by 52%. This is known as progressive web app and it has advantages of both modern web as well as app. In short web app is software that focuses on core web page initially. Then they start to work progressively by adding layers of features by intuitively and independently knowing user’s browsing history and the type of internet connection.

Top 5 Steps for Converting to Progressive Web App are as detailed below.

  1. Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

The first step you need to take is to switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS. This is because you need to ensure transport layer of security as without this conversion is not stable. In other words, transport layer security protocol is essential for security of your data as well safeguards against any unauthorized access. For this you need to have SSL certificate.

You therefore should secure your data with full back up and then update the internal links to HTTPS.

  1. Use of Service Workers

In JavaScript file a service worker with the pros and cons of programming in JS is a technical term meaning the same and plays proxy so as to enable offline and other Progressive Web App capabilities to user website. In order to do this you need to include registration, installation and activation to your browser.

Service workers enable advantages of low storage, updates, search engine visibility and speed.

  1. JSON File Creation

This is the next step and here JSON file or web app manifest as in technical term is provided for making a centralized area where metadata is installed. This includes the name of the application, links to images and icons and preferred URL for launching for the app.

  1. Adding Manifest to your HTML Template

The JSON file provides all information regarding the display of apps to browser. This is done only when you add this manifest to your HTML template.

  1. Testing of Your Progressive Web App

Lastly, you may need to test your PWA. This is determined with the help of checks and some tests so that you may find your progressive web app advantageous for your work. For this you need to confirm the service worker is registered in developer tools and when you open your page it should be so seen under service workers tab.

Next check this out for offline capabilities. This means home page must load offline from second visit onwards.