Ways to Generate Leads on Quora

Business developers and thought leaders have been using social media to promote their presence and interact with prospective consumers and clients. And while online commerce takes place on social media, some companies still struggle to get a grip on online publicity. 

Quora might be the website to help you elevate your business’ online presence. With its interactive question-and-answer format, Quora is the ideal place to generate leads. Here are some tips to generate leads on Quora.    

Write an engaging profile page 

A well-curated bio can help boost leads and generate business value on Quora. For starters, there are a few things that your bio must feature, such as stating a clear offer, uploading a picture, and attaching a link to the Quora answers that have generated most views, and the link to your business’ website.   

Your profile page is crucial. You want to make an impression on prospective leads that you are reliable. When you pull this off, this organic way of increasing your traffic and promotion is a sure way to attract leads. 

Using images and other relevant links can also boost your content for up to 94%. Make sure to attach an eye-catching or controversial image to your answer that is related to your post. 

Opt for a subtle approach when you’re doing this, and you may want to avoid using pictures that are self-promotional.

Review the writing styles of the top writers in your niche

To get the hang of writing suitable to your niche, read and analyze the particular writing styles used by top writers of your niche. By doing so, you will be able to analyze the kind of writing that is trending among the audience. 

Improve your traffic by engaging with top writers. You can also follow some topics that they follow that are of mutual interest. You can also tag them to your content. 

Interact with consumers and audience by answering critical questions 

The main gist of Quora is interacting with consumers and answering their questions. These are some of the ways to enhance your visibility on Quora. 

It is a no-brainer that interacting with consumers and answering their questions are sure to enhance your visibility on Quora. To generate more upvotes, you’ll want more upvotes on your answers. 

But to make sure that this strategy would be effective, you may want to filter out the most critical questions and provide useful and valuable answers. A good question can be determined by a follower-answer ratio of 7:1.  

Use Quora’s advertising platform 

If you’re looking for more advertising and lead generation strategies, don’t hesitate to use Quora advertisements. Although Quora may be underrated and usually not among the first choices when promoting businesses or products online, it is still a conducive platform to generate leads and potential customers (not less than other traditional lead generation platforms such as Ads-Supply, Leadfeeder, Sumo, etc.).            

Advertising on Quora will help expand your platforms, making your brand visible beyond Google, Facebook, Twitter, or other mainstream social media platforms. 

To do this, you must first identify your target audience and related questions and topics for your Quora ads. 

Develop a comprehensive strategy 

Integrate Quora to your marketing and publicity strategy. Make sure that the answers you provide on Quora are consistent with your offers and what is stated on your website or other social media platforms. 

It will also help if your presence on the platform follows a particular schedule.