What Dedicated Servers Can Do for a Business?

Businesses need servers to host their applications, websites and mails. Many small businesses choose cloud servers which are shared by quite a few websites. But businesses that need more security should always choose a dedicated server. Now there are definitely differences between a shared server and a dedicated server. It offers a company more control and power over their sites and mail servers. In this case, the company rents a server from the provider and gets to use the resources of that server exclusively. There are no other tenants sharing this very server which is built and maintained by the provider.

No shared resources

Sometimes, using a shared server clogs up due to different websites sharing the same resources. But with a dedicated server no spikes in bandwidth usage can slow down the server. It also never gets affected by bad scripts of another sharing website. The RAM and CPU are exclusively being used by the company who rented it. Getting the full resource of a server helps companies to get more control over their online presence.


When you get a shared server to work on, the operating environment, software and the applications are limited as these are already loaded on the server. But a dedicated server gives you some fun of flexibility as it offers the option of customizing the software, disk space, RAM and CPU. Dedicated servers are perfect for those who need something more than what a shared server can offer.


If you want maximum uptime, it is definitely better to choose dedicated hosting. Websites having medium to low traffic can definitely go for shared server while a website having lot more traffic on a regular basis needs the safety and quality performance of a dedicated hosting provider. Learn more about the advantages of dedicated servers with WeHaveServers.