An ethical hacker, or widely known as the ‘white hat hacker’ is the person who is an expert in the security of computers and is capable of ensuring that an organization’s computers are safe from any privacy breach through the implementation of various technologies. That means that you have to locate the weaknesses of a computer system and make sure that it is no longer vulnerable to threats and malicious actions.

This is done through a series of tests, such as penetration testing, or intrusion testing, or red teaming. Such things are vital to being an ethical hacker. Since the role of privacy is extremely important in today’s world, the demand for an ethical hacker is increasing day by day and a certified ethical hacker salary is USD 99,000 per annum.

An ethical hacker must have all the possible information on the various ways of intrusion into the system since the world is advancing day by day. The breach of privacy is now an issue everyone faces. The struggle is essentially real because a lot of important information is over the internet and hence it is more important to make sure that it doesn’t land in the wrong hands.

With the rise in international conflicts and controversies, the role of an ethical hacker is more important for the government, to secure its data against the other countries. The violation of the privacy of any kind might be illegal, but the risk of information loss is more threatening. As a result of this, governments ensure to hire good ethical hackers, with a command over their job.

New viruses, malware, and worms require someone to attend them to safeguard the networks of defense, government, businesses, or a person in particular. An ethical hacker hence has to look at every situation from an attacker’s point of view to save the system of his client. This means that the amount of intensive study and daily research work required for this job is very important.

In addition to this, he has to implement various techniques to protect the clients’ databases from any such activity, thus making sure that the information is secure at all costs. He also has to be learned enough to gain the trust of his clients into him. This means that the ethical hacker has to prove his worth time and again by thus making the right use of the techniques available.