What Kind of Video Will be Perfect for Your Choice

Facebook has also explained in a publication on its blog, “Following the growing success of live video, we consider this media as a type of content in its own right distinct from traditional video and are currently working on its targeted integration in the news feed of users.

Use a mounting application to erase the superfluous

Was your speaker hesitant at first? Did he take his time to get started? Does your video contain diction errors or jagged audio quality? To sublimate the professional side of your work, you must imperatively remove all these small missteps. The ready made video templates will surely help you out there.

  • If your editing looks pretty simple, like joining multiple video clips and adding titles, iMove, Windows Movie Maker or the Youtube editing app will do just fine. If you want a more dynamic result, we recommend using Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro X or Sony Vegas.
  • Remember to film your video from several angles, this way you will have many interesting shots during editing.

Add subtitles or text on the screen

Even if naively, we would like to think that the Internet users look primarily at videos in their spare time, it is actually at work that this activity is the most popular. If the message of your content is not understandable only through its visual, we advise you to add subtitles. Thus, with or without sound, viewers will appreciate the meaning of the content you offer them.

Keep in mind that social media videos are often viewed without sound activated: on Facebook, 85% of content is viewed this way.

Captivate attention from the first seconds

According to eBuzzing, the European leader in video advertising, it’s during the first 5 seconds of your video that everything is played out. If you succeed in captivating your viewers in this time, they will be much more likely to interact with your content and view it in full. You know what you have to do: get out there and do everything you can to get a lot of interest.

Do not drag in length

Of course, there are counter-examples, such as TED conferences that, despite their significant duration, gather many viewers on Youtube. But as a rule, brevity is de rigueur. Moreover, many networks impose a time limit on their platform: 10 seconds on Snapchat, 30 seconds on Twitter and 1 minute all round on Instagram.

Once you have assimilated all these tips, you will spark! Before you shoot a video, always ask yourself, “How can I be sure it will be shared?”

You do not know where to find the answer?

Your best allies are your subscribers. Analyze the videos that have been highly shared, determine where they have come from, and inspire them in your next campaigns.